Corporate Executives & Board of Directors

Fortune 1000 to Small Cap

Bringing AI to Boards • Contact your Exchange for details

Corporate Executive

  • CEO / Executive

  • CFO / Treasury

  • Benefits / 401(k)

  • Legal / Compliance

Board of Directors

  • Ainstein – Shield me from legal exposure on Quarterly Reporting.

My 1st Goal

Ainstein - Track for me:

  • My company

  • My Industry

My 2nd Goal

Ainstein –  Create new AI Assisted insights, Analytics and SMART Messages so we can more easily communicate with:

  • Wall street


  • Shareholders

  • media

  • Internal Teams

  • others

My 3rd Goal

Ainstein – Lower fees for our Employees 401(k)s

  • Add Ainstein‘s Certified  
    Advice at far lower cost

  • Continue to Administer
    DC Pension Plans with
    the current Custodian.

  • Save Employees up to
    90% on fees.