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StockSmart’s Peer View™ Reports offer unprecedented insights and facilitate Director’s collaboration on iPad, both for board meetings and every day in between. More info...

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Improve time management with fully objective automated research analysis integrated with portfolio management and risk tools available at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

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StockSmart makes successful investing simple, easy and inexpensive. StockSmart brings trusted, professional-grade advice – the “good stuff” – to all investors, including the “little guy.” More info...

StockSmart Analytics Technology

StockSmart is an analytics company that has solved a core problem facing multiple constituencies throughout the financial services industry. Money managers, ratings agencies, accounting firms, investment banking and research departments on Wall Street currently waste vast staff resources manually creating and validating the underlying data sets that feed models and other financial analysis.

StockSmart’s SMARTEngine eliminates this waste by integrating up-to-date financial, fundamental, technical and futures data on more than 20,000 individual companies, securities and funds on a global basis, automating the production of insight that is fact-based, reliable, empirical, inclusive, dynamic and timely.

StockSmart users will be able to access this absolutely unparalleled and completely objective set of informed analytics for companies, industry sectors and securities through an extensive platform of needs-tailored solutions. The result is greater insight and improved decision making for a range of participants in investment and company management.

StockSmart evaluates stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and bonds and creates analysis, models and forecasts by industry and public company, especially helpful in simplifying quarterly earnings season and facilitating portfolio management.

The StockSmart risk management toolkit seamlessly combines all the data and creates purpose-driven analytics which are interpreted and communicated visually for instinctive understanding.

StockSmart provides automated - yet fully customizable - analytics solutions for corporate and capital markets clients.

  1. SMARTView Peer Benchmarking and validated 3rd party metrics for corporate boards of directors, stock exchanges and shareholders.

  2. SMARTVector, combining machine learning with Factor-Based Investing, creating Alpha capture strategies and helping to solve the “Alpha Arms Race” for hedge funds and money managers. Available via Telvent and certain exchanges.

  3. Investment governance focused analytics improve the portfolio de-risking process, achieving better insight and control thru transparency and visualizations, for pension funds and others.

  4. StockSmart even reveals risks for the “Hidden Holdings” inside ETFs and mutual funds. These unprecedented risk profiles guide and simplify decision making at multiple levels.

  5. StockSmart reveals the full risk spectrum by incorporating an array of vendor-sourced ESG metrics in combination with more traditional financial metrics - a first.

  6. StockSmart provides a complete, unified risk solution, including ESG risk, overcoming the limitations of the data itself when the individual sources and methods are nuanced, incomplete or at odds.

Upcoming product development efforts will enable StockSmart to extend its services to wealth management providers, broker-dealers and retail investors. With Partners, StockSmart’s underlying analytics technology is also being “twinned” for other expert applications, including IoT and government.

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